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Arc 2:

The Guardians

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Arc 2: The Guardians
Book 5: Wiser

Mayuri is broken and lost. Everything he once believed in is fading into the mists of time. He hopes for a better future, but the only way forward is to deceive those he cares for most. He must discover the culprit behind the Decimation of the Messengers before the killer finds him. Torn between loyalty and fear, he embarks on a mission to commit one of the most egregious crimes in the history of the Universe.

Mayuri slips into a sea of darkness, where deceit and lies rise way over his head, drowning him in a battle of illusion. Only a new and questionable Akira seems to offer any hope for survival in this broken world for Mayuri, as he masquerades as the Doll known as Wiser.

He and the other Guardians play a deadly game of cat and mouse. Mayuri must wait for the dust to settle before discovering if his plan truly is Wiser.


Ask me what the story is about. Please. Go ahead. 

I'll tell you it's about a lot of things... a missing creator of the Universe, the collapse of realms, the struggle for survival, judgment, and mortality. It's about everything and nothing and the state of all that is, has been, and will be. 


If you're just looking for a simple synopsis... well, nothing is really simple about the Universe, especially not in Euphoria. 


I can tell you that once upon a time, the Ruler of the Universe created the Balance... the notion of Balance changed from ruler to ruler but, nevertheless, it kept the Universe together... until it didn't. 


This story is about a world without the Balance and the efforts of many to rebuild it, at any cost, and in any way they see fit.  


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