You are Cruentus Fate, are you not? 

Cruentus Fate, Book 1: Rota Fortunae



The Prince of Macellarius. He's well known in Mu because of his innovative technologies. His knowledge and creations also earned him the attention of the High Queen and King and the Royal Council of Mu. However, it is said that he stayed in Nex to be with his sister, Cruentus Fate. 


  • Darkness

  • Electricity


  • Vem Bethshan (Creator)

  • Cruentus Fate (Same Creator)

  • Caeles Hero (Non-Bilogical Cousin)


  • Attention to detail

  • Memory without Awakening

  • Innovative Abilities 

  • Record keeping


  • If one reads Book 1 without reading Book 0, Abyssus seems like he's just studious. However, if one reads Book 0 before reading Book 1, it's clear that he is fully aware and just testing Fate to see if she's awake. 

Character Traits

Likes: aesthetics, sweets, books, insects

Dislikes: lies, sunlight, heat

Mortal Birthday: December 7

In Their Circle

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Cruentus Fate


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Caeles Hero

Best Friend

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Ignis Firmus

Personal Guard

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