Arc 2:

The Guardians

Everything that has happened, is happening, will happen again....

So we've finally reached the second arc in the series, one which focuses on the Guardians of Space and Time. 

This can mean a lot of things. In this case, it'll mean seeing their involvement within the Game and their struggles to bring balance back into the Universe. 

Book 4: Prince of Shadows

The Reaper City of Niall stirs with malice, and the temple grounds tremble with indications of catastrophe. 

The lost battle for Mu leaves the Organization in shambles and the weight of their losses fall upon their leader's assistant, Jackyl. 

Now, he must step forward into Akira's shoes and raise their morale with help from the Wiser, an imposter, and their oracle. 

Book 5: Wiser

Mu has been in turmoil for too long, and the pressure on the factions is about to give. Among the chaos, an unlikely participant is about to step forward.


Mayuri must come out of hiding and play the role of the uniquely talented doll, the Wiser, to bring the impending war to a head.

Each choice he makes changes the balance of the powers, and the consequences of his decisions could bring peace or disaster.

A mysterious captive of the Grim is breaking free, and could bring a wake of destruction unlike any seen in Mu. Fearing that such an event could annihilate the Mortal Realm, or even the Ancients themselves, Wiser puts his very existence on the line.

With help from a trusted few, he must pull off a crime so immense, he may bring the wrath of Beyond down upon them. The clock is ticking, and the group cannot afford to hesitate. Damned be the consequences... when the world is already on death’s doorstep.

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