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Alar Reh Xi

ARX is a phrase in the Language of Ages that vaguely translates to, "At Any Cost" or "At the Cost of Everything." The original purpose of the group was to help "misfits" who had been ostracized and to create a new world where they could be free. 

While the group remains strong in their beliefs, this was somewhat of a feint for their real purpose of finding the Lords of Light and Shadow and restoring the Balance through various acts that made them universal criminals.

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Ra Bedad

The first Akira and also the founder of the Organization. His original mission statement and intent for forming the faction were good and the notion gained a lot of support but Bedad himself contradicts their ideals. When it comes to leadership, he is very hit and miss. He is adored by his fellow members, who all look up to him and simultaneously fear for his mental health and stability. 


Black Fox


Called "Black Fox" after the mask he wears as a Reaper. He was Akira's aide prior to the promotion that led to his leadership over the Colloquium. His title name within ARX is simply based on his work with computers, as he as adopted the habit of saying he can "talk to computers" which other members don't really understand. 

During his time at ARX, he usually kept records of missions and trailed behind Akira. When Akira formed the Assassination Unit, he paired together Jackyl and Reina, who haven't stopped bickering ever since. 



Callidae Vulpe

Vulpe became a part of the forensic team for all the wrong reasons. She loves blood and gore and eating things that she shouldn't but she's also very good with medicine and making detailed analysis. 

Just don't ask her to clean your wound. 

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Leoht Miina

One of the three leaders of ARX under the guise of "Akira." He follows the same general plan as the other two leaders and continues to search for and awaken the Lords of Light and Shadow but his methods are far more callous. So far, he is the least involved with the other group members and will usually go off on his own, leaving Wiser, Jackyl, and Barloc to manage the rest of the team. 

Reina Headshot.png


Gishian Reina

Her primary job within the Organization is to assassinate targets and pave the way for her other members. Her efficiency is specifically what gave Akira the idea to start the Assassination Unit, though her loyalties tend to be divided between Jackyl and to the Organization's causes. 

The bond she has developed with Barloc made her a better Organization member and she has since been more engaged in group activities. 

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Ra Barloc

Barloc shares the job of leader with the other "Akira." He has proven to be the most balanced and efficient, as well as the most attentive to his fellow members. His objectiveness makes for stable leadership and the bonds he has managed to form with the others help keep him in check.

Although he would agree that being leader is a learning process, it is one he enjoys. 

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Li Akio

Better known as Fenix. It is not really known why he took to the job of forensic science just that he happened to be very good at collecting and analyzing data. Since he is one of few members who can seem to get through to Jackyl, it is necessary for him to be the one to turn in all the data for records. 

He doesn't speak much but when he does, it tends to be important. 

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