You are Cruentus Fate, are you not? 

Cruentus Fate, Book 1: Rota Fortunae



Ra Bedad

Better known under the alias, Akira, he's the co-founder and leader of the 3rd party faction, the Organization. 

Most of the time, he walks around in a metallic silver fox mask, which was sealed to his face for his crimes. 


  • Time (Sealed/Weak)

  • Darkness

  • Anima 

  • Fire

  • Illusion 


  • Council Leader (Adoptive Mother)

  • Vem Bethshan (Pacted) 

  • Ra Barloc (Brother Figure)


  • Demonic Seduction

  • Miasma Poisoning

  • Shadow Step

  • Master Level Illusions


  • His relation to Chi is fabricated on the spot in the Dead Queen, though this is stated as a fact in later parts of the story. He's known for saying things off the cuff, whether or not they're true. 

  • He makes a casual mention that the Council Leader is his adoptive mother which is confirmed when she sends out a formal letter to Heqet in order to permit his stay in the Capital. 

  • Akira carries a blue-eyed black cat called Besil with him wherever he goes. The cat appears to control his palpable miasma poisoning. 

  • Shares a pact with Heqet which was formed to make them honest with each other and loyal to their bond. 

  • Has a known and confirmed affiliation with the Grim and a Master Puppeteer named Bethshan, who wears the same clothes as him. 

Character Traits

Likes: symmetry, antique clocks, suits

Dislikes: filth, incompetence, people who talk over him 

Mortal Birthday: ???

In Their Circle

Vem Bethshan

Pact Bound Demon

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