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Aeros Ianthe

Lovely and deceitful, much like her brothel sister, Fate. At least... Bedad thinks so. She and her Bound, Myrna, are extremely loyal to the Rebellion and their cause but, upon Akira's summon, she decides to join the Organization as an oracle. The girl was an escapee from one of the last remaining Vem villages and looks up to Besil because of their shared heritage and the legend that surrounds him.

Bedad originally sought to recruit her when her brother joined his organization and spoke highly of her spiritual prowess but neither Ianthe nor Bedad fully trust each other.

Social Class





Rebellion | Organization


+Shai Myrna (Bound/Wife)
+Cruentus Fate (Brothel Sister)




+Soul Seeing

Weapons Coming Soon...

Character Profile

Aeros Ianthe

Aeros Ianthe
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