A member of the Organization. He's known for presenting himself in a youthful form despite the fact that he's older than almost everyone in the Game. A lot of the time, he takes the form of a cat and lingers beside Bedad. The two formed a pact when Bedad was only thirteen turns and still living in Thule.

Besil is a famous Puppeteer who is responsible for the creation of many Dolls who are so realistic that is difficult to tell they are Artificial Souls. Of those souls, he made Barloc, Fate, and Abyssus.

It is alleged that his extreme love for cats is in part due to him being their creator, as no one can remember there being cats before he began his fawning. Although he is viewed as a criminal and a demon Voidsent, there are also rumors that he has ties to the missing Grandmaster.

Social Class



Darkness, air, and soul








+Spirit Walking
+Shadow Step
+Shape Shifting
+Flash Step

Weapons Coming Soon...

Character Profile


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