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The Prince of Nitor

Caeles Hero

The Prince of Nitor who left to travel around Mu with Prince Kyou. He shows a strong distaste for Bedad's constant taunting and calls him childish, though he often finds himself caught up in the antics. Although he is adored by all (except Bedad) he has a well-known mean streak, which often surfaces when his taint has progressed. He is more prone to fall victim to bouts of malice that emanates from his spiritual fracture and fully enjoy it, thus he is deemed unstable and is under frequent scrutiny. However, his ability to charm others often gets him out of situations that Bedad cannot as freely break free from.

Social Class



+Crystal (Sealed)




+Cruentus Niteo (Step Father)
+Caeles Elaine (Mother)
+Caeles Liulfr (Biological Father)
+Caeles Chi (Aunt)
+Iunu Heqet (Godmother)
+Cruentus Fate (Fiancee)
+Abyssus (Non-Biological Cousin)




+Miasma Poisoning
+Aerial Attack and Evasion

Weapons Coming Soon...

Character Profile

Caeles Hero

Caeles Hero
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