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The Spinner

Cruentus Fate

The Lady Fate is no longer a prisoner to the brothel or to her kidnapper, the King of Macellarius, but she has just as many things on her mind as before. Her strong-headed desire to learn the truth puts Bedad on edge constantly. If that wasn't enough, her mannerisms strike him as reminiscent of the last Spinner, Fati.

Lovely and brilliant though she may be, it seems obvious that she is dead-set on her bond with Hero and her devotion to protecting him. Her initial decision to listen to and nurture Bedad begins to come across more so as prodding to make him admit his faults. Little by little, their bond falls apart at the seams in the face of distrust and his fear of the fate that awaits him.

Social Class



Darkness, Electricity, and Soul




+Caeles Hero (Fiance)
+Jackyl (Brother by Creator)
+Vem Bethshan (Creator)




+Heightened Learning
+Anima Control - Miasma Suppression
+Spirit Walking

Weapons Coming Soon...

Character Profile

Cruentus Fate

Cruentus Fate
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