The Heir of Fenix

The middle Ignis Triplet. He was cast out of Tir Na Nog after the spirit of Fenix failed to awaken within him. His parent's maltreatment of him made him incredibly soft mannered and polite despite the fact that he is the direct heir to the throne. Despite this fact, he holds no ill feelings towards them.

He became the Late Prince Abyssus's guard by pressuring the feeble King Neco, though his reason for attaching himself to the young prince is unknown. After Abyssus's death, Firmus left Nex and began to assist the High Queen in the Capital.

Social Class







+Ignis Fortis (Brother)
+Ignis Fortuna (Sister)




+Heightened Vision (Cat's Eye)
+Increased Strength
+Increased Agility

Weapons Coming Soon...

Character Profile

Ignis Firmus

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