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The Royal Philanderer

Ignis Fortis

The eldest of the Ignis Triplets. He and his sister left Tir Na Nog after their brother was cast out. They made the decision to join the Rebellion shortly before following him to Nex, where they all began to work among the Rahma despite their royal status.

Although Fortis serves as Niteo's guard, he is not fond of the man in the slightest. He has a soft spot for children and animals and his kind demeanor makes him highly approachable even though he is also rambunctious.

He and his siblings have a unique ability to see things beyond the average eye, an ability known as the Cat's Eye. When he isn't in Nex, he's off with the High Prince, Iunu Kyou, who he openly fancies.

Social Class







+Ignis Firmus (Brother)
+Ignis Fortuna (Sister)




+Heightened Vision (Cat's Eye)
+Increased Strength
+Increased Agility

Weapons Coming Soon...

Character Profile

Ignis Fortis

Ignis Fortis
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