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The King of Nysa

Middin Askelon

One of the oldest living Ancients. His place in society is one that is welcomed and trusted by all factions and this makes him one of the most powerful people in existence. He is a voice of reason for all he meets. He is popular among Ancients, Half-Breeds and Rahma alike and bridges the gap and cools the tension between the Council and the Rebellion.

His friendships with the Council Leader, Wiser, and Bethshan alike make it obvious that he has been around for a long time but he is secretive and rarely tells his innermost thoughts. Aside from his affiliations with others, he has been known to have a vested interest in explosives and women.

He is a wise crack who decided to keep his older appearance rather than upkeep a young form. His kingdom is a tribute to the original Ancients and reflects the traits and craft work of almost every known clan.

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Character Profile

Middin Askelon

Middin Askelon
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