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The Spinner

Nuvem Fati

A notorious member of the Nuvem Clan, also known as the Spinner. She was given the name Fati as way to mark her for her duty as one of the Three Fates. Even though the tales from Undal are deemed a myth by many, there is a strong belief system behind the young woman.

She was an escapee from a historical crisis known as the Verna Conflict, in which the members of the Verna family were assaulted and taken as slaves. It is said that the tragedy resulted in her escape and that she fled to Ussan to live with the Caeles where she then married their Family Leader, Caeles Viro. Together, the couple founded the Crystal Empire.

It should be noted that fear of the Spinner is prevalent among the people and that their beliefs behind fate and destiny are tied to her, as there is a recording that suggests she is immune to miasma but had the ability to determine who would fall from its blight.

Social Class







+Caeles Viro (Husband)
+Verna Farrah (Benefactor)
+Verna Ata (Benefactor)
+Verna Moira (Sister)
+Verna Noctuae (Nephew)
+Nuvem Inmane (Niece)




+Heightened Learning
+Anima Control - Miasma Suppression
+Spirit Walking

Weapons Coming Soon...

Character Profile

Nuvem Fati

Nuvem Fati
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