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The Queen's Dog

Ra Aki

Ra Aki, better known as Akira, the Third Party Leader is a man who was raised by the Council. More specifically, he was adopted by the Council Leader after his family abandoned him. He founded the Council after he was sealed for murdering council members in an attempt to flee from Thule, where he was being kept, raised, and treated for his taint.

He is one of two Tainted present in Mu during Khnum's reign. It is known that he formed a pact with the High Queen, Heqet, during the early foundations of the Rebellion and that he currently works as her aide. However, he also shares a pact with a shapeshifter from the Void, Bethshan, who keeps his miasma at bay.

Social Class



+ Time (?)
+ Fire
+ Ice
+ Space
+ Darkness
Other Unknown




+Council Leader




+Demonic Seduction
+Miasma Poisoning
+Shadow Step
+Master Level Illusions

Weapons Coming Soon...

Character Profile

Ra Aki

Ra Aki
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