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The Late Queen of Nitor

Caeles Elaine

Hero's mother. Her murder has been a question hanging in the back of everyone's mind since it happened. It was this crime that led to Hero's sealing and since no one was there to see it happen, there was also no one to defend him.

Her emotions were severed after the loss of her Bound and because of this she and Hero never had a very good relationship. She had a habit of neglecting him, even without meaning to, simply because she held no genuine attachment to him.

Even before his birth, she was somewhat prickly as a result of the Caeles Involvement and the numerous family deaths, including the death of her role model, Ferum Iri. Unlike Chi, she did not develop as deep a bond with the Caeles Leader, Viro, and even considered him responsible for the devastation that decimated their clan. Nevertheless, she cared enough for him that she is still somber when she hears his name, though it is possible that it is because hearing about him reminds her of the tragedy she blames him for.

Social Class







+Ferum Liulfr (Bound/Husband)
+Caeles Chi (Sister)
+Caeles Hero (Son)
+Caeles Viro (Cousin)
+Ferum Iri (Cousin)
+Cruentus Niteo (Second Husband)




+Dream Walking

Weapons Coming Soon...

Character Profile

Caeles Elaine

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