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The Spinner

Caeles Fate

After marrying Hero, she took on his clan name to rid herself of the Rahma man who kidnapped her. Recently, she has been fixated on traveling Hero's Dreamscape to uncover the truth about the murderers in Mu... at least she says that's why she's doing it. He suspects that something deeper has awakened within her and even though the reunion between himself and Fati should be something to rejoice, he is slightly anxious to reveal himself as awake.

During her mentorship in the Capital, she learned much about the ways of the Empire and began to correspond with Chi on cultivating the Ussan and charging Mortis for the murder of her brother. Politically, she is far more involved in the happenings of the Empire, so she took the role of traveling and attending the King's Committee while Hero remained home with their son, Leon-Ru.

Social Class







+Abyssus/Jackyl (Late Brother)
+Cruentus Neco (Adoptive Father)
+Cruentus Niteo (Uncle)
+Caeles Elaine (Aunt)
+Caeles Hero (Husband)




+Heightened Learning
+Anima Control - Miasma Suppression
+Spirit Walking

Weapons Coming Soon...

Character Profile

Caeles Fate

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