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The Gishian Twins

Gishian Luna

Child of Queen Gishian Una. She and her brother, Syo, earned a reputation for ruthlessly fighting their way to victory during the Astor Tournament. She once tried to coerce Hero to marry her in order to win hers and her brother's freedom from their mother's rule.

She is quick witted with a sharp tongue and has a knack for picking fights with generally anyone, which may be partly attributed to her hemokinesis. This is also why she chooses to expose her skin during battle, as she's incredibly difficult to kill unless her entire body is destroyed.

Unfortunately for her brother, Syo, he does not possess the same ability.

Social Class







+Gishian Una (Mother)
+Gishian Syo (Twin Brother)
+Caeles Hero (Distant Cousin)
+Gishian Haylel (Distant Cousin)





Weapons Coming Soon...

Character Profile

Gishian Luna

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