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The Gishian Twins

Gishian Syo

Named after Syo from the Story of Night and Day. He and his sister had a reputation for being merciless and reckless when faced with adversaries. They were not well liked because their clan is responsible for the Blood Curse. That said, his sister carried on this trait from their mother and required him as a food source.

Unlike his sister, Syo is incredibly cautious, almost to the point of being paranoid. He has a keen eye and a good ability to discern the intentions of others. Due to the Gishian Blood Curse, his constitution is not as sturdy as that of his twin sister.

He didn't really like Hero at the start, as he was highly protective of his sister and disliked anyone who interfered with their togetherness. However, he ended up following her suit and grew very close to Hero before he was killed during the Astor Tournament.

Social Class







+Gishian Una (Mother)
+Gishian Luna (Twin Sister)
+Caeles Hero (Distant Cousin)
+Gishian Haylel (Distant Cousin)





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Character Profile

Gishian Syo

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