The Spinner

Once the Empress of a new and powerful empire, Ussan (the Crystal Empire). She is said to have been the reincarnation of the Spinner, also referred to as the Lord of Fate. People both feared and admired her for her beauty and incredible spiritual prowess. According to mythology, the ability to travel the Dreamscape may have stemmed from her.

The real Nuvem Fati suffered greatly when she was sealed to suppress her over her the fates of mortals. It is said that even her name was intended as a way of marking her and that she was created simply to prevent her awakening. However, it is precisely the suffering she endured while sealed away that resulted in this very awakening.

Social Class







+Caeles Viro (Husband)
+Verna Farrah (Benefactor)
+Verna Ata (Benefactor)
+Verna Moira (Sister)
+Verna Noctuae (Nephew)
+Nuvem Inmane (Niece)




+Heightened Learning
+Anima Control - Miasma Suppression
+Spirit Walking


Character Profile

Nuvem Fati

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