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The Prince of Nitor

Caeles Leon-Ru

The Prince of Nitor. He has shown a unique inclination towards manipulating all elements. Although he's young, he tends to think and behave like an adult and has been known to speak in the Language of Ages.

Leon-Ru is the first known New Breed in all existence, a child born from a Doll and a pure bred Ancient.

Aside from his incredibly unique skillset, he has an uncanny understanding of the old world languages and traditions. His personality strikes many as amusing, as he is blunt and stoic with a mature sense of humor.

While staying in Niall he began to experience strange dreams about a man in a Chrysalis but he disappeared before Jackyl was ever able to discuss it with him.

Social Class







+Caeles Fate (Mother)
+Caeles Hero (Father)
+Caeles Chi ( Great Aunt)
+Jackyl (Uncle)




+Spirit Walking
+Summoning Grim

Weapons Coming Soon...

Character Profile

Caeles Leon-Ru

Caeles Leon-Ru
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