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The Lord of Death

Daeleris Nox

The Lord of Death, also one of the rulers of the Void. He left home when the passage out of the lower realm was sealed. Thanks to his appearance, he earned a reputation for being beautiful among the people from the Beyond. He is prone to loneliness and constantly feels inadequate. People of both realms know him to be pessimistic, depressive, and volatile despite his natural charm and beauty.

His power over death is generally associated with the presence of moths. This is because he turns souls who have returned for cleansing into these moths before they go the Arc.

The Watchers placed seals on him after he became a hostage in the Beyond and those seals have made him ill ever since.

Social Class





The Lords | Organization (Later) | Guardians (Later)


+Daeleris Shehariah (Twin Sister)
+Ra Bildad (Father/Creator)
+Vem Amaimon (Father/Creator)
+Sargon (Brother-in-law)
+Leoht Miina (Nephew)
+Ra Barloc | Asmodai (Bound)




+Ether healing and control
+Miasma Suppression
+Aura Control
+Soul manipulation and preservation
+Seeing through illusion

Weapons Coming Soon...

Character Profile

Daeleris Nox

Daeleris Nox
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