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The Lord of Rebirth

Daeleris Shehariah

The Lord of Rebirth, one of the rulers of the Void. She and her twin brother, Nox, are responsible for maintaining the cycle of life and death, otherwise referred to as the Balance. When the Grandmaster disappeared, their world collapsed.

She was initially a soft tempered girl with immense prowess and an innate talent for healing others. She is now a being of legend who strikes up fear whenever mentioned. Those who knew her well would most likely describe her as reserved and withdrawn. She generally keeps to her creations and her brother.

Social Class





The Lords


+Nox Daeleris (Twin Brother)
+Ra Bildad (Father/Creator)
+Vem Amaimon (Father/Creator)
+Sargon (Bound)
+Leoht Miina (Son)




+Anima healing and control
+Miasma Suppression
+Aura Control
+Sound Manipulation and Wielding

Weapons Coming Soon...

Character Profile

Daeleris Shehariah

Daeleris Shehariah
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