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Gishian Reina

Reina, rarely called Rainie, is best known among other Organization members for her hemokinetic abilities (ability to manipulate blood.) She is often teased for her choice of attire, which others call "frilly." However, it is understood amidst her closest peers that this is a tactic she uses to become bloodied and launch gruesome attacks against her enemies.

She is one of the few people who knows about Barloc and Jackyl's binding and she is also one of Barloc's few friends. Even though she has a role within the Organization, she has a more personal duty to aid Jackyl in his awakenings and whims.

Since she has the Gishian Blood Curse, she requires a blood pact to stay alive but the only ones who seem to satisfy her cravings are the Akiras and Bethshan.

Social Class







+Gishian Una (Mother)
+Gishian Syo (Brother)





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Gishian Reina

Gishian Reina
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