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The Lord of Chaos

Leoht Miina

Leoht is the child of Sargon and Shehariah... at least, Nox thinks so. He appeared one day, carrying the sent of the Void on him. His real name is not known. Sargon simply called the boy Leoht Miina or "Light and dark" after a tale from the Book of Ages in which a young boy discovers his sense of self.

He was a curious young man with a tendency towards mischievousness.

After watching him for a time, Nox came to realize the boy's affinity towards manipulating space and matter like the Na family. He had unique existential thoughts like his father and Bildad, which made others believe he would one day become Grandmaster.

Unfortunately, he suffered from a spiritual fracture after his father jumped off a cliff.

Social Class



+Space and Matter




+Sargon (Father)
+Daeleris Shehariah (Mother)
+Daeleris Nox (Uncle)
+Fenix (Uncle)
+Casluhim (Caretaker)




+Power over Matter
+Power over Space

Weapons Coming Soon...

Character Profile

Leoht Miina

Leoht Miina
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