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The First Alchemist

Lin Shaer

Better known as Sheryl. She is a survivor from the Callidae genetic experiment trials who tampered with herbal remedies and combinations of anima and ether related healing before it became popularized. This fact earned her the title "the First Alchemist."

She doesn't speak very much but, when she does, she can be quite curt.

According to Jackyl, she was supposed to ascend into grim-hood but her constant meddling with mortal affairs resulted in her keeping an equally mortal form. It is now something he teases her for.

She seems to align her interests with the Organization but will sometimes take a stand in the Council as well. The only consistent alliance she shows is to the Daeleris Twins, whom she has a soft spot for.

Social Class





Organization (Colloquium) | Grim | Reapers


+Mikhael (Bound)
+Callidae Vulpe (Cousin)
+Callidae Haylel (Cousin)
+Gishian Una (Distant Cousin)




+Metal molding and conjuring
+Potion making (medicinal)
+Poison making

Weapons Coming Soon...

Character Profile

Lin Shaer

Lin Shaer
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