The Lord of Time

One of Besil's unique Dolls. It is revealed that instead of being a Doll designed to emulate Bedad, he was actually created from a piece of Nox's soul. He is comprised from the souls of many powerful ancients some of which include: Nox, Sheh, Bethshan, Bedad, and Sargon.

Because he is still a young soul, he is often clumsy with his power and still struggles to comprehend others. He spent an indeterminable amount of time within the Void in his escape from Thule and is therefore troubled by the mundane. Additionally, his time down there gave him a phobia of insects.

He is one of three under the guise of "Akira" also referred to as the Universal Virus.

Social Class







+Nox Daeleris (Bound)
+Vem Amaimon (Creator)
+Ra Bedad (Brother Figure)





Weapons Coming Soon...

Character Profile

Ra Barloc

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