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The Universal Virus "Akira"

Re Bedad

Better known under the alias, Akira, he was the co-founder and leader of the 3rd party faction, the Organization. Most of the time, he walked around in a metallic silver fox mask, which was sealed to his face for his crimes.

He was abused by his peers while he was growing up in Thule and that this was what made him so unhinged. He seemed to think that he was much more sane and stable than he was and so he was often pitied.

After a long battle against the Universe, he was swept up in the Ripples of Time and erased from existence... but the one thing Jackyl can't seem to get off his mind is why everyone still remembers him.

Social Class







+Council Leader (Adoptive Mother)
+Vem Bethshan (Lover)
+Ra Barloc (Brother Figure)




+Demonic Seduction
+Miasma Poisoning
+Shadow Step
+Master Level Illusions


Character Profile

Re Bedad

Re Bedad
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