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Master Puppeteer

Vem Bethshan

Also known as "Besil" or better yet, "Amaimon." He is a legend to most, the once notorious lover of the Grandmaster, Bildad. Even though he was wronged and sentenced to the Void, he rarely speaks out against the accusation that he misled the Grandmaster. Jackyl suspects this may be something he does to hide the real reason behind Bildad's disappearance.

That said, Jackyl and Bethshan have a strained relationship for a long list of reasons but it doesn't stop Jackyl from admiring Bethshan. They are both members of the Guardians and both were the closest to Bedad as well as the most deeply affected.

After Bedad's erasure, Bethshan leapt into the Void to find a place to die.

Social Class







+Ra Bildad (Former Lover)
+Ra Bedad (Former Lover)




+Spirit Walking
+Shadow Step
+Shape Shifting
+Flash Step

Weapons Coming Soon...

Character Profile

Vem Bethshan

Vem Bethshan
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