The Universal Virus "Akira"

The Lord of Chaos. He's best known under the name Caeles Hero, which he cast aside when he assumed the role of Akira. His new name is unknown and this has led everyone to call him Leoht Miina in reference to the Story of Space and Time. It is not really known or understood how he and the other "Akiras" are linked together or what purpose they serve nor are Leoht's intentions known.

Ever since another Akira severed his emotions, Leoht has been particularly sadistic and has earned a negative reputation for forming demonic pacts through seduction. He is known for being erratic, with sudden outbursts that are reminiscent of the late Bedad.

Social Class







+Daeleris Shehariah (Mother)
+Sargon (Father)
+Daeleris Nox (Uncle)
+Fenix (Uncle)
+Caeles Fate (Wife)
+Caeles Leon-Ru (Son)
+Ra Barloc (???)
+Ra Bedad (???)




+Demonic Seduction
+Miasma Poisoning
+Aerial Attack and Evasion
+Sound based illusion
+Shadow Step
+Portal Jumping
+Power over matter and space

Weapons Coming Soon...

Character Profile


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