The Master Puppeteer

Once the Grandmaster's Lover. He is the creator of some of the most powerful souls in Euphoria. There was a strong reason to believe that his influence led to Bildad's disappearance and so he was sentenced to the Void, which he miraculously survived. However, he did become demonized. When he resurfaced, the famous puppeteer once known as Amaimon (Amon) had come to call himself Besil. He also began using the appearance of an adolescent both to disguise himself and to more easily form pacts.

He recently mended an ages old argument that he was having with Jackyl, only to find himself on the brink of death. As a final project, he took on the assignment to create Wiser's Doll.

Social Class







+Ra Bildad (Former Lover)
+Ra Bedad (Former Lover)
+Wiser's Doll (Creator)
+Ra Barloc (Creator)
+Abyssus (Creator)
+Cruentus Fate (Creator)
+Daeleris Shehariah (Co-Creator)
+Daeleris Nox (Co-Creator)




+Spirit Walking
+Shadow Step
+Shape Shifting
+Flash Step

Weapons Coming Soon...

Character Profile


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