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The Queen of Askadel

Ea'Anat Isis

The Queen of Askadel. She is a member of the Council and recently earned her place as the High Queen of Mu. Her efforts in the battle of Nex and the Capital resulted in a Capital victory within the inner rings and so she has been blessed with praise from virtually everyone but the Council Leader.

Tensions within the Council have made her more desperate than ever before to prove her worth and this pushed her to place more importance on her Hunter Army.

She is particularly disturbed by Leoht Miina, who is also responsible for the destruction of her new city.

Social Class







+Shinka Mortis (Brother)
+Shinka Mayuri (Brother)
+Shinka Chyla (Sister)




+Heightened Agility
+Heightened Strength
+Mind Control
+Master Illusions

Weapons Coming Soon...

Character Profile

Ea'Anat Isis

Ea'Anat Isis
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