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The Lord of Death


The Lord of Death, also known as Nox Daeleris. Perhaps because of his role within the Lords, he frequently dies and must be reanimated into a new vessel. Due to his power, he is unable to fully die without being completely erased from existence.

The events that led to the collapse of the Balance left him deeply scarred, so he is prone to fits of rage and bouts of intense depression. Since he and his sister are not in the Void, the cycle of life and death has come to a halt.

His repeated deaths have resulted in him seeing a majority of the Mortal Realms and this has made him an invaluable source for information.

He is also a fellow Guardian with aligned goals to right the Balance. Even though his antics constantly stress Mayuri, he has a knack for engineering that has been essential to the Guardians' work.

Mayuri feels a particular duty to the Daeleris Twins because of their importance to Bildad and to Amon and this intensifies the stress he feels when dealing with them.

Social Class





Organization | Guardians


+Daeleris Shehariah (Sister)
+Vem Bethshan (Creator)
+Ra Bildad (Creator)
+Ra Barloc (Bound)
+Leoht Miina (Nephew)
+Sargon (Brother-in-Law)




+Ether healing and control
+Miasma Suppression
+Aura Control
+Soul manipulation and preservation

Weapons Coming Soon...

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