The Grandmaster's Successor

Bildad's successor. He and his brother, Fenix, are not Bildad's children but are nevertheless the rightful successors to the Throne of the Universe. Like most successors, Sargon has an odd personality type and an inclination towards creating new things. He is notoriously strange but sought after by most due to his social status. Because of this, he usually hides himself within an illusion that makes him appear unattractive to others. The rest of the time, he conceals himself completely by making himself seem invisible. The only beings in the Universe that seem capable of surpassing this skill are the Daeleris Twins.

Social Class







+Fenix (Brother)
+Daeleris Shehariah (Lover)
+Daeleris Nox (Brother-in-law)
+Leoht Miina (Son)




+Anima healing and control
+Miasma Suppression
+Aura Control
+Master Illusions

Weapons Coming Soon...

Character Profile


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