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The Wiser

Shinka Mayuri

One of the heirs to the Aska Kingdom. He lives a stressful life, hiding from the Sweepers and the Council after being marked for erasure. He runs part of the Organization called Sclera, an entire world hidden in time and space where he trains young Reapers to become operatives of the Organization.

Mayuri cannot seem to relax. He is always stressed, always fearful that something will go wrong. He suffers PTSD from the Decimation of the Messengers and all of the events that followed. Like his peers within the Messengers, he is in hiding from the person who perpetrated the crime and believes that the criminal is a Messenger who intends to do away with the others.

Aside from his stressful life in hiding, he is also a Guardian on a mission to right the Balance through the recovery of the Lords and the protection of Space and Time.

Social Class





Organization | Guardians


+ Shinka Chyla (Bound)
+ Ea'Anat Isis (Sister)
+Shinka Mortis (Brother)




+Training and education

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Character Profile

Shinka Mayuri

Shinka Mayuri
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