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Master Puppeteer

Vem Amaimon

The Grandmaster's lover and partner. He has an impressive ability to create Dolls that surpass that of any before him. His unique love for life and creation made Bildad fall for him and grow an increasing interest in the concept of mortality. However, he was cast out of the Beyond on the pretenses that he seduced the Grandmaster and made him stray from the Universe's will. At this time, he was stripped of his Soul's Name and began to go by the name Bethshan, which was later shortened to Besil through the Language of Ages.

He somehow managed to survive down in the Void and is now one of the oldest living ancients but the recent loss of Bedad has put him on the edge of death.

Mayuri believes that his attachment to Bedad stems from his resemblance to Bildad, though he wouldn't dare say this lest it break Amon's already fragile heart.

Social Class





Organization | Guardians


+Ra Bildad (Lover)
+Daeleris Shehariah (???)
+Daeleris Nox (???)
+Ra Bedad (Former Lover)




+Spirit Walking
+Shadow Step
+Shape Shifting
+Flash Step

Weapons Coming Soon...

Character Profile

Vem Amaimon

Vem Amaimon
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