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Heir of Nysa's Throne

Amana Lior Yamanu

The secret heir to Nysa. After the death of his parents, his grandfather, Askelon, entrusted the boy to the man he raised from a child under similar circumstances, Duncan.

He's a skilled informant who is very close to his Bound, Trit. The pair have a strong sexual interest in others, which appears to be a trait of the Feh. He can be both blunt and witty. His incredible ability to learn other's secrets make him a strong ally and a terrifying adversary.

Social Class







+Amana Duncan (Adoptive Father)
+Amana Nimbul (Adoptive Mother)
+Midden Askelon (Grandfather)





Weapons Coming Soon...

Character Profile

Amana Lior Yamanu

Amana Lior Yamanu
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