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Isul's Mama

Eliada Dera

This bold Rahma is one of the most respected caretakers in Tir Na Nog. Dera was hand chosen to parent the young Doll who Wiser helped escape Hunter City. She is a kind woman who is trusted by the King and Queen. This makes her the perfect choice to be a Caretaker since they are responsible for looking after all of the children of Tir Na Nog.

Even though Isul is a Doll, Dera views her as she would any other child. She is nurturing and loving, as well a wonderful teacher.

Social Class







+Eliada Ilgal Isul (Daughter)
+Ilgal Vesh (Lover)




+Guiding Youth

Weapons Coming Soon...

Character Profile

Eliada Dera

Eliada Dera
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