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The Queen of Tir Na Nog

Ignis Bastet

The infamous Queen of Tir Na Nog. She alone stands free against Council rule. She is the head of the Rebellion and the leader of the strongest army in Mu. Although considered one of the all time power houses of Mu, she is surprisingly emotional and gentle. She is also the one who handpicked Dera to be Isul's caretaker.

Bastet always has a regal appearance but she holds immense power, including the Cat's Eye and a mysterious ability known as anima sana. She is beloved by her people and loves them equally as much.

Social Class







+Iunu Kyou (Husband)
+Iunu Rastlin (Son)




+Heightened Vision
+Increased Strength
+Increased Agility

Weapons Coming Soon...

Character Profile

Ignis Bastet

Ignis Bastet
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