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Book 1: The Spinner's Web

Cruentus Fate, a royal turned courtesan, seeks the truth but is surrounded by liars with whom she must form a union to uncover the past. 


Book 4: Prince of Shadows

Arc 2 begins in Niall as the fate of the Guardians and the Organization falls upon Jackyl's heavy shoulders.

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Book 7: Lightfoot

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Book 2: Conundrum

The tale of an odd man in a fox mask, his loyal cat, and his battle against time and fate.  

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Book 5: Wiser

The story delves deeper into the past as Mayuri steps into the fray  to uncover the criminal who destroyed the Balance in the first place.

Image by Camille Brodard

Book 8: Twice Fallen

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Book 3: Chaos Theory

A journey through the Dreamscape to uncover the truth about the murders in Mu and the true reasoning behind them.

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Book 6: Soul of a Doll

Wiser's Doll struggles to make a new life in Tir Na Nog. She must overcome her fear and those who fear her if she is to reach her goal.

Image by Inga Gezalian

Book 9: Of Wedlock & Wallows

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