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Book 1: The Spinner's Web

Cruentus Fate, a royal turned courtesan, seeks the truth but is surrounded by liars with whom she must form a union to uncover the past. 

Book 4: Prince of Shadows

Arc 2 begins in Niall as the fate of the Guardians and the Organization falls upon Jackyl's heavy shoulders.

Book 7: Lightfoot

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Book 2: Conundrum

The tale of an odd man in a fox mask, his loyal cat, and his battle against time and fate.  

Book 5: Wiser

The story delves deeper into the past as Mayuri steps into the fray  to uncover the criminal who destroyed the Balance in the first place.

Book 8: Twice Fallen

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Book 3: Chaos Theory

A journey through the Dreamscape to uncover the truth about the murders in Mu and the true reasoning behind them.

Book 6: Soul of a Doll

Wiser's Doll struggles to make a new life in Tir Na Nog. She must overcome her fear and those who fear her if she is to reach her goal.

Book 9: Of Wedlock & Wallows

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