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Soul's Name & Brands

A Soul's Name

A Soul’s Name is a name given by the Universe. Ancients retain this name throughout every lifetime, even if they are given new names or titles. It is an imprint on the soul. Since Ancients are reborn, they are given these names with a purpose for existing.

The name itself and reflects  their soul and reason for existing.

A soul’s name reflects the purpose of the person to whom it’s given. This serves to reflect their meaning in the world, therefore, if they stray too far from it, abandon it, or have it erased, they lose their purpose for existing as well and will, in turn, ostracized by those around them.


A Soul’s Name can be used to restrain, erase, seal, or awaken an Ancient, so most try to hide their name.

The most common form of restraint is a brand, which is generally burned or etched into the skin.

A Soul's Purpose

A Soul's Purpose is very closely related to the Soul's Name. It is the meaning behind the given name and the attached purpose for existing. 

It is ingrained within souls to follow their purpose or face erasure from deviating.


In addition to seals and brands, a Soul's Name can be used to control an individual. Whomever is stronger may completely cease the movements of the person whose name they use. 

This technique is most often used by the Watchers to place souls under arrest or erase them from existence.

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