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B.E Ent.

Burning Edge Entertainment

The fourth and final branch of the Organization. This branch has been created in every one of the Mortal Realms. The group was created to draw energy off of the Mortals and influence them through the art of attraction. 

This tends to be the branch that raises the most questions but only a key few members understand its real purpose.




??? always has a weary expression and a cigarette within reach. Despite his reluctance to found the group, he is one of the most well respected members of the Organization. 



???? ???

Even though she's a Tocsin, she only plays an active role as the lead singer of Royal Emergency. It is believed that because her powers are too great, both controlling them and using them within the Mortal Realms is dangerous. 




Royal Emergency's drummer. Most people would call him aloof. He basically doesn't care what anyone thinks and is so free spirited that the others aren't sure how to react to him.




Named "Ace" as in "an ace up my sleeve." He is often referred to as the face of Burning Edge Entertainment as he is the artist with the greatest influence and popularity. His Tocsin abilities are a key part of this branch.



??? ?????

Royal Emergency's guitarist. He's not too interested in the popularity or attention, so he usually wears a mask to hide his identity. 




The composer behind all of ACE and Royal Emergency's work. He has little interest on being the face of the company, which people find interesting given his narcissism. 




Royal Emergency's bassist. He picked up cues from Jack and decided to hide his identity. Since he's forgetful about hiding his face, he has often been caught on camera and became so popular for his good looks that he switched his career to modeling.

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