Shortly after the Royal Wedding, Hero and Fate return to Nex, prepared to fulfill their duties as the new rulers of Nitor. For the first time, they enter the Dreamscape, an inner realm full of broken memories, to uncover the truth about the murders and the perpetrator.

As they delve deeper into Hero's past, their path appears more harrowing than they had imagined. With the truth comes great sacrifice and determination. Each door within the Dreamscape leads them closer to the answers they seek and the consequences of learning about the crimes that have been buried.

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Trusty Trevs

"Highly recommend this book. It is written in an interesting way that makes you think and become highly involved with the characters. Haven’t read anything this thought provoking in a long time."

"I enjoyed the developing story and the variety of characters introduced in this first book. I am looking forward to be succeeding books to see how the story unravels and how the characters interact in the future."


"I really enjoyed reading this amazing story! It was more than I could ask for! The way the author(s) draw you in with how the characters are being described and how they interact with each other in such a diverse way."

Ian M.

Esther L. Beltran

"Wow, what a way to begin a new fantasy series. Co-authors Isu Yin and Fae Yang have made quite the impression with their impressive first book of their Grims’ Truth Series published by Evolved Publishing: Rota Fortunae. It has elements fantasy fans would expect to find without the clichés readers normally come across. True, magic is perhaps the most dominate element within this fantasy, but what makes this story so endearing is the fact that the authors’ magic is written about in a rather realistic fashion."


Alicia C. Smock


Ten Stars for this amazing story continuation! Hero and Fate are back and delving into Hero's memories. So much takes place in the story and I don't want to give anything away so just get on with it and start reading!

Stephanie F

Really captivating series! I've been following these authors since they released their first book and man! Do they know how to write! Each book pushes you more into the story and right when you think you figured it out, you turn the page and BAM. Something clicks and your back to the drawing board. But in a good way. It makes you want to figure out the story. They really know how to connect you with a character and then destroy you from the inside out. Litterly cannot wait for the next one to come out!


"This book immerses the reader in the power of language, the molding of interspecies attitudes, and the daunting task of taking charge of one’s future. It will make you think deeply about culture in general!"

Corine Ann Barnes

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