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Clans and Breeds


The Iu clan is known by their pale skin, dark hair and violet eyes. They are an intelligent and regal clan and hold the highest positions in both Mu and Thule.


This easily distinguishable clan stand tall above the others with their statuesque physiques.  The clan of fire elementals, once the most powerful clan in Euphoria, has now taken a different, abeit equally as turbulent, path utilizing their passion for love and battle.


The nearly extinct Caeles are  secretive and elusive clan which often finds themselves misunderstood and at odds with other clans. Their hallmark white skin and hair combined with the intense blue or mint colors eyes laced with unusual mannerisms makes most people enchanted yet uneasy with them. 


This clan is known for being small in size but large in personality. They are gifted electrical elementals and known for being quite amorous. 


The battle ready, Aska are known for their political prowess as well as their skill in combat. These masters of mind excel in telekinesis and illusion which their clan is known for but are equally as skilled in melee. 


The Si are nearly extinct. So few remain in Mu that they are a wonder to behold. Only rumors remain of the one great clan and the last few survivors aren't speaking about what happened. 


A branch family of the Caeles, the Callidae experimented on themselves to become stronger. Natural water elementals, they are able to manipulate almost any living thing.


A rare clan that are easy to spot due to their intense blue eyes.  They often are wiser than their age and cautious about trusting others.


A clan made from altering the skills of other clans. They gain speed, strength and power at the cost of their origonal form.


Known in Mu as the Lesser Breed. Rahma are smaller, feebler and have a shorter lifespan than the Ancients. They are prone to disease and die without return. 

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