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Small stature. Silver skin and white hair. Mint colored eyes.


The Caeles split into two groups with varying abilities (Fox and Wolf). The Fox Clan is agile and violent with a rugged fighting style. The clan is best known for their ability to adapt quickly in battle. Even though the Fox Clan is small, they have a tendency to shred their foes like piranha. The clan is also deeply scientific and intelligent, dedicating themselves to research that would help return the Ancients to a superior ethereal form. It is precisely this experimentation that led to the changes in their clan and them evolving their element into crystal.


The Fox Clan is a cousin clan to one of the Iu subgroups and so it is natural they have similar weaknesses. They are quick to avoid damage since they are small and cannot withstand physical damage.

*Note: Not all clans have a subclan. 

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