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Small to mid-range height (compared to other clans.) Olive skin. Green eyes (the Gishian Family has slit pupils.) Brown hair.


The Callidae Clan has power over water, which gives some very skilled members the ability to physically manipulate others or objects that contain water. This is most notable in the Gishian Family, who has the Blood Curse. While most Callidae Clan members are deeply spiritual and connected with nature and remain close to the temples, the Gishian Family tends to isolate with their relatives. The women in the clan are gifted with superior regenerative abilities and incredible strength and agility. The men in the family are said to contain a unique quality to their blood that the women feed from to gain strength.


Ice and Crystal (Ironically) are considered one of their weaknesses, since elementals from these clans are able to use it against the Callidae. However, since the Callidae are linked to the Blood Curse, they are usually avoided.

*Note: Not all clans have a subclan. 

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