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Tanned skin, freckles, golden or amber eyes, tall stature.


The Ignis Clan have incredibly potent anima that lures the other clans to them. They are known for oozing of sensuality. They have a history of being enamored by the Iu Clans, who they view as soft and elegant, as the Ignis Clans are generally strong and built people. Their element of fire is one of the most powerful natural elements because it its fueled by passion (wrath, lust, or love.) The Triplets in particular are known for a unique ability known as the Cat's Eye, which allows them to see details usually invisible to the normal eye. (They can see small details and across great distances.)


They are sensitive to the cold and will become ill when exposed to it for too long.

*Note: Not all clans have a subclan. 

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