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Varying Stature - Dark skin - Yellow/Golden or green eyes - Dark hair


The Si are a unique and powerful clan with a multitude of physical and spiritual abilities. They're agile, quick-witted, and capable of seeing through to a person's true character at a glance. They are the clan responsible for the ability to Spirit Walk and are famous for their connections to the Grandmaster. They rarely, if ever, have issues with energy because they can understand the Universal balance of taking and giving. However, the clan is very secretive and have secluded themselves to avoid the conflicts between the other clans.


Unknown - Since the Si dislike oversharing information, their weaknesses are not well known. They have superior power over the arts and balance themselves physically to minimize damage and strain on their bodies. Whenever something catastrophic is about to happen, they remove themselves to protect their clan. The only visible weakness is whether they trust other clans, as the Si are incredibly forthright and sometimes trust others more than they deserve.

*Note: Not all clans have a subclan. 

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