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Varying Stature - Small pointed features - brown hair - pale - stark blue eyes.


The Vem are known for being the most laidback of the clans. They dislike conflict and will usually opt to form a truce rather than argue when given the chance. Although they possess the element of air, the clan members vary greatly in their personal abilities and are capable of tapping into other spiritual abilities akin to the Si. Many of them dedicate themselves to the temples or even to unlocking unique talents like Spirit Walking. Despite their distaste for battle, they are skilled with weapons, particularly ones that work in tandem with their element. The entire clan has unique vision but the specifics of what it allows them to see is classified by members.


They are physically at a disadvantage against other clans because of their delicate build. However, like the Iu, they are incredibly evasive and difficult to hit.

*Note: Not all clans have a subclan. 

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