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The Colloquium

The Reaper Academy and Training Center

The third branch of the Organization. It is the heart and soul of Niall, also known as Reaper City. Feeling that the Reapers needed more direction, Akira appointed Jackyl as their new leader. They often act independently or in tandem with the Grim. 

The Colloquium itself functions as an academy where Reapers are trained and specialize in various fields so they can provide aid in battles that occur throughout space and time. 

Their growing numbers and wide variety of talents make them a force to be reckoned with. 

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Virtually every Reaper seems to just call him Director. He is not viewed as simply being a faction leader but more so a Lord and the King of the Void, a trend that seems to have stemmed from the Grim. 



???? ???

He's not really a Reaper but he attends their Academy anyway. Most would describe him as a free spirit who acts independent of others, their factions, and their goals. If anything, he will trample over anyone who comes between him and his goals--- politely, of course.

Nene head Shot.png


Shai Nene

The Leader of the Network, also known as the Voice of the Universe. Nene can choose any form they wish and will often show up in the form of a phantom that looks like a fish. 

Their primary job is to convey the Will of the Universe. 

Sheryl Headshot.png


Lin Shaer

A skilled reaper who wears a cervine skull mask. She is devoted to her alliance with the Daeleris to the point of servitude. 

Her superior medicinal and spiritual capabilities make her a formidable ally.

Ianthe Headshot.png


Aeros Ianthe

The Organization's First Oracle. She spends all of her time in the Temple of Enlightenment, guarded by the Reapers and by her wife, Myrna. 

She first became associated with the Organization because of her brother, Shu, who formed a bond with the Third Party Leader.

Mikhael Head Shot.png


Shinka Mikhael

Sometimes called "Mikh." He wears a bird skull mask, which means he's at the same point of evolution as Sheryl. Though he has a soft temperament, he's incredibly good at summoning Hell Hounds and taming them for battle.



Shai Myrna

Ianthe's wife and Bound. She used to be Fortuna's right hand and guard. Nowadays, she spends a lot of time with the Reapers and dedicates her free time to learning new arts, though she's already multi-talented.

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