Arc 1:

The Tainted

Everything that has happened, is happening, will happen again....

Tension between the factions is at an all time high in the Empire of Mu. Each has their own beliefs about Ancient Tradition and the state of the world they live in, but they can all agree on one thing-- the Tainted must be contained or eradicated. 

As the Age of the Ancients comes to an end and the Rahma Rise, so do hints of the taint evoked illness, the Plague. 

The story begins in the smallest kingdom of Nex with a princess turned courtesan, a riddle-spewing Reaper, and a stained Prince. 

Book 1: Rota Fortunae

Several turns after the disappearance of the High Queen’s successor, rumors of a plague spread across the Empire of Mu. Two parties, the Rebellion and the Council, clash over the strange phenomenon and its source, the Tainted.

Cruentus Fate, a young Royal from the second kingdom of Mu, becomes entangled in the battle for the Capital as she and her brother, Abyssus, seek out the truth about their relationship with the enigmatic Grim. Her life turns upside down when she’s separated from her brother and sold to the brothel by their father, the King of Macellarius. The brothel’s Madam, Fortuna, takes Fate under her wing and broadens her knowledge of the Empire, the war at hand, and the secret behind her existence.

Book 2: Conundrum

In a world where light has taken reign, the Queen’s Dog, Akira, seeks true balance, but only the righteous may thrive.


Driven by malice, he fights his need for blood, his desire to live, and his assignment to solve the murders occurring throughout the Empire.


Amidst the strife and warring factions, Akira leads a commanding third party, the Organization, to power. Their drive to raise a New World of misfits is tireless, brutal, and costly. In order for this vision to come to fruition, Akira must first conquer his mother, his fate, and his one true obstacle, the Mortal Affliction.

Book 3: Chaos Theory

Shortly after the Royal Wedding, Hero and Fate return to Nex, prepared to fulfill their duties as the new rulers of Nitor.


For the first time, they enter the Dreamscape, an inner realm full of broken memories, to uncover the truth about the murders and the perpetrator.


As they delve deeper into Hero’s past, their path appears more harrowing than they had imagined. With the truth comes great sacrifice and determination. Each door within the Dreamscape leads them closer to the answers they seek and the consequences of learning about the crimes that have been buried.

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